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Anderson’s In Home ServicesĀ is a company that exists to make life easier and more comfortable for elderly people who are ill or alone who cannot fully care for themselves anymore. Their savior is a woman who spends her time making sure they will be well cared for by her company.

Robin Anderson’s business, Anderson’s In-Home Services, Inc. provides many services for it’s clients, including personal care (bathing, grooming, and dressing), light housekeeping and laundry, meal preparation, companionship, transportation, errand-running, assistance with doctor’s appointments, etc. All services are performed by live-in or live-out caregivers, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted by Anderson’s via background checks and other character verification.

“I would never hire anyone to work for my clients who I would not want in my own home, and I try to find the right caregiver for each and every client”, Anderson explains.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Anderson moved to California in 1981. She lived in Carlsbad, then San Clemente where her mother, Florence Benson, joined her in 1994. It was after her mother came to live with her that she realized how much she loved having her and wanted to make her happy and healthy. Seeing her mother happy and well have her a wonderful feeling and she began to think about making it her life’s work.

Robin worked for COSTCO. Her mother became a Demo Worker at the company and they enjoyed being able to see each other during the workday. They made an amazing team and were loved by their bosses and coworkers.

Robin thought more and more about going into the elderly care business. It was a big undertaking but her mother encouraged her by telling her that she was going to make a difference because she loved helping people whenever she had the opportunity. In 2004, Robin’s mother became ill and after a very brief hospital stay, she passed away. Robin was inconsolable for a very long time before she once again talked about starting the business.

In 2005, she started her research on the structure of her endeavor by consulting with the elderly social services. What was needed in home care? What were the legal ramifications? What were the responsibilities? What about licensing and insurance?

Now, many years later, Robin’s business is thriving and it is all thanks to her mother, Florence Benson. “With my mom watching over me, I am comforted that I am doing what I was meant to do. I look at my business care with the picture of us smiling, and I am so confident that I am doing the right thing. And my mom is always in my heart and telling me that she knew I could do it’.

“There is happiness and sadness in this kind of work. We have helped people recover from surgery, long illnesses, and terrible losses. All we want to do is help them through their rough times in their lives and rejoice with them when we see improvement. When their family visits and thanks us for caring so well and giving their loved ones more time with them, that is all we need in return”.

Written by: Lila